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Introduce RF hard tags

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There are many applications of RF Hard Tags in life, people are familiar with him, but what is the RF bottom? Radio Frequency Technology (RF) is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency. The more common applications are radio frequency identification, often referred to as inductive electronic chips or proximity cards, proximity cards, contactless cards, electronic tags, electronic bar codes, and the like. The principle is that the scanner transmits a specific frequency of radio wave energy to the receiver for driving the receiver circuit to send the internal code, and the scanner receives the code.

RF hard tags

When we go shopping in life, we often see RF Hard Tags on the products in some clothing handbag stores. The purpose of this is to prevent the loss of in-store products, there will be a sensing device at the door, thus achieving Very good anti-theft effect, so combined with these features, it has been widely used in life.

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