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What is EM Library Security Gate for

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Protect and protect your library materials with state-of-the-art RFID security gates. The security system is a kind of non-charming work horse, which provides the library with obvious deterrent and anti-theft ability. We offer a range of options in the series to support the latest remote RFID technology until more traditional electromagnetic technology. All RFID products are supported by our smart door management software, which provides libraries with instant information about the projects that cause alerts and the history logs of old transactions.

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EM Library Security Gate has many applications in life, and the dual-frequency security monitoring door is a device for detecting the installation of electronic label books, and it is one of the equipment used in the radio Frequency Identification Library Management system. EM Library Security Gate has the characteristics of long recognition distance, fast recognition speed, sound and light alarm, convenient installation and maintenance of equipment. Suitable for large and medium-sized book city, bookstore, library, pharmacy, video store and so on.

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