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Principle of scanning 8.2MHZ EAS labels

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The bar code scanning 8.2MHZ EAS labels is divided into laser and red light

Principle of scanning 8.2MHZ EAS labels

Principle of laser bar code scanning 8.2MHZ EAS labels:

When the user touches the power switch or the corresponding equipment to power on the scanning gun, the VLD emits a red laser beam, which passes through the beam expander lens and is expanded, then shoots on the surface of the swinging mirror and reflects on the bar code to form a laser point. When the mirror swings, according to the principle of optical reflection, the position of the laser point on the bar code changes, and the mirror swings continuously, then we will see a red laser line on the bar code, which is caused by the phenomenon of visual persistence.

The surface of the bar code is rough, and the laser spot on the bar code is reflected. The reflection intensity of each bar code is different. The diffuse reflection light is reflected on the mirror, and then reflected to the light collector by the mirror. The light collector collects the light, and the stray natural light is filtered by the filter. The light is injected into the photodiode to generate photoelectric induction signal, which is amplified, shaped and decoded to become useful information, Transfer to the host.

There is a lock cylinder in 8.2MHZ EAS labels. The lock cylinder is composed of three steel balls, springs and other accessories

After the nail is inserted into the 8.2MHZ EAS labels, the nail is locked by the lock cylinder. (that is, it is stuck by three steel balls. The lock cylinder structure is small on the top and big on the bottom), so it is more and more tight. Unless the plastic shell is broken, if the plastic shell is firm enough, it can't be pulled out at all

This requires the use of a lock opener. The magnetic force of the lock opener will suck the steel ball in the lock cylinder downward. There is space between the nail and the steel ball. The nail can be separated from the 8.2MHZ EAS labels

The unlocking device is a magnet, which is called magnetic steel. The magnetism is very strong. The detector will not give an alarm.

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