Principle of EM library security gate

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Principle of EM library security gate

When we read in the library, we may notice the EM library security gate at the entrance of the library. The EM library security gate of the library is a popular anti-theft means in the past two years. Its anti-theft effect is very good, so it has been popularized in the market. Not only large libraries, but also some small book stores have followed suit. Then, does anyone know what principle the EM library security gate of the library works? Today, Xiaobian will introduce its working principle to you. Let's have a look.

At present, the book anti-theft system can be seen in the market for three different principles of products, namely electromagnetic principle and acoustic magnetic principle, radio frequency principle. The labels used by products with different principles are not interlinked with each other. What kind of anti-theft system is used, the required labels will be different, but the equipment consumables /labels with the same principle are basically the same. The price of tags used in the acoustic magnetic principle system and the radio frequency principle system is high, and the tags are large, and the concealment is not strong. In contrast, the tag price of electromagnetic wave principle system is low, which greatly reduces the user's investment in consumables, and the tag is thin and small, with strong concealment, and can be repeatedly charged and degaussed. The most effective way to deal with theft is to install EM library security gate in every library budget, which will not affect the operation of the library and reduce the loss of books by more than 95%.

Principle of EM library security gate

How to use EM library security gate:

According to the way of use, it can be divided into two ways: the way of separate people's script and the way of total entrance and exit.

1. Manual shunting (as shown in the figure below) this method can use permanent magnetic strip, and the cashier must be at the door

The person puts the book on the teller's desk, passes through the middle of the monitoring channel, and takes the book from the other end of the teller's desk. If the person has library books on him, the monitor will alarm.

2. The total entrance and exit way. This method must use the magnetic strip, and the cashier doesn't have to be at the door.

The person puts the book in the cashier and gives it to the administrator. After the administrator completes the procedures, the reader can carry the borrowed book through the middle of the monitoring channel. If the person has a book in the library (bookstore) that has not been handled according to the procedures, the alarm will be sent by the monitor. You can use one main entrance and exit for several reading rooms.

Composition of EM library security gate:

The basic system consists of transmitting antenna (gate), receiving antenna (gate), alarm host and induction magnetic strip. The antenna emits electromagnetic waves to monitor the special magnetic strips placed in the books to be protected. If the filling and demagnetizing strip is used, the filling and demagnetizing device shall be used. Generally, there is a return detector.

Detection door: it is composed of a transmitting gantry and one or two receiving gantry. The transmitting gantry is in the middle and the two sides of the receiving gantry are symmetrically arranged to form two channels from which book buyers can enter and leave the bookstore.

Alarm device (alarm host): it is connected with the detection door with special wire.

Induction magnetic strip: there are permanent magnet type and demagnetization type, users can choose according to their needs. When the induction magnetic strip passes through the detection gate channel, it will give an alarm.

Book detector: used to check whether there is magnetic strip in the book or whether the magnetic strip reaches the alarm sensitivity.

Magnetizer and demagnetizer: it refers to magnetizing new books with composite magnetic strip; Degaussing just drag the book with magnetic stripe across the magnetizer.

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