The role of EM Library Security Gate

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The role of EM Library Security Gate

At present, many university libraries or regional libraries have achieved intelligence, whether from book search, management, lending and other aspects to achieve a great improvement.

EM Library Security Gate

Details of the equipment required for intelligent library library management system.

EM Library Security Gate:

① Library RFID tags: the use of ISO/IEC15693 standard sparsely coupled RFID tag chips;

② Layer tags: special tags for anti-electromagnetic shielding, used for precise positioning of books;

③ RFID library card: used for circulation borrowing and returning operations, reader identification operations, etc;

④ RFID tag conversion station: used for processing departments to read and write information on book RFID tags and RFID library cards, which can be written to book RFID tags after conversion by identifying bar codes.

EM Library Security Gate: the circulation of RFID tags attached to the scanning, security identification system equipment for the circulation department to carry out security control of the circulation to achieve the purpose of theft prevention and monitoring;

⑥ Workstation: The most important interface between the library and the readers for book management operations;

(7) Self-check-in/out equipment: a system that scans, identifies and returns RFID-tagged circulation, and is used to facilitate the return and renewal of circulation by patrons and staff.

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